pic_team.jpgWhen I first got braces, I was really scared. But every time I came in I got more and more comfortable. Everyone was so sweet and always making sure I was comfortable and welcome. It was a long process, but I'm so thankful I stuck through it, because it sure pays off! I couldn't be more thankful to the Flores Orthodontics Team for making it as easy as it possibly could be!"
- Shannon Harris

I thought that braces were going to hurt, but they didn't. Getting braces was one of the best choices I've made. My teeth are now perfect and straight.
- Bailey Acee

My experience at Dr. Flores' office has been wonderful! The staff is so friendly. Dr. Flores is a perfectionist, so knowledgable, and friendly. My teeth look fantastic. I absolutely achieved the results I hoped for! Thank you for the awesome smile!
- Carrie Olivo

My experience at Dr. Flores office has been really great. I'm so happy with the end results! They're amazing! I love how the staff interacts with you and get to know you. I've been very happy every time I've been here!
- Miranda Gravett

I had a great time here ! Everybody was so nice and very social! It hardly felt like an orthodontist office. Thay always explained to me what was going to happen in each of my appointments. I'm glad I decided to go here for my braces!
- Devan Rojas

My experience at Dr. Flores’ office has been one of a kind. Everyone was friendly and they made it fun to come into the office. Also, everyone welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable. I knew that if I had broken a bracket or forgot to wear my rubberbands I wouldn’t be scared to come into the office. In the end, I am happy with my smile and the way my teeth look. I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Flores and the team for everything they did.
- Karly

I just wanted to let everyone know that Dr. Flores is the most amazing orthodontist ever. The treatment was fast and practically painless. Everyone was always kind and there was always a warm feeling in the air. I always loved going. Now that I got my braces, I look beautiful with my new smile. Thank you so much Dr. Flores!
- Nicole

I have been coming to Dr. Flores since I was in the 2nd grade. I came with horribly spaced and crooked teeth, but am now finished with the perfect smile I have always wanted.

Through the many appointments and check-ups over the years, I got to know everyone who works here and had fun on the dress up days. The braces were also quite fun, because I could choose from a variety of colors to dress them up. Having braces was not too painful and gave me the smile I have always wanted.
- Emily

"Dr. Flores and everyone here did a beautiful job on my teeth. I used to hate to smile because of my crooked teeth, but now I can't stop smiling. I love my smile. "
- Elsa

"Dr. Flores did so much for my teeth. I started with crazy weird crooked teeth, but now my smile is great! :) Thanks!"
- Caylee

"When I first came to the ortho, I was afraid of tools and getting stuff put into my mouth. But the orthodontist, Dr. Flores helped me out and made it to where there was really nothing to be afraid of. My experience with braces was great. I never had problems with them. So, Thank you Dr. Flores and to the office and staff."
- Krystal

"Dr. Flores office is great. They are so friendly and accomodating. It feels as though I am chatting with old friends when I come in. I am happy with my results. The decor is beautiful as well."
- Jenni

"Thank you so much Dr Flores and Staff! Because of you, I have a wonderful new smile! When I first came into your office to get my expander, I was nervous and afraid that I was going to have pain in my mouth. Although everybody told me that it won't be bad. And after I got my expander on, I realized that they were right! It wasn't bad at all! I had the same feelings when it came time to get my braces on. Everything went well! I wore them for less than two years, and I was done! I was so used to braces, that I forgot what it was like not to have braces. Once I got them off, my teeth were so smooth and slippery! However, best of all, I had a new beautiful smile! :)
Thank you so much Dr. Flores, and all of the staff. You are all so kind and warm-hearted. "

- Lucia

"You guys are really nice."
- Kieran

"Dr. Flores has helped me in so many ways. He was very patient and took time to make sure my teeth came out straight. Well, with all of his work and the many other assistants, my teeth are amazingly straight. I never thought they would look so "perfect." Over the years I have seen the progress of my teeth and it amazes me. I get a lot of compliments on my teeth and I am really thankful for the Dr. Flores' hard work and effort. Thanks so much."
- Kendra

"Before I started going to an orthodontist, my teeth looked terrible. I had a tooth coming out from the top of my gums that was sticking strait out. I tried going to three different orthodontists, but they were very expensive and I was not impressed with them at all. I felt like they were not very personal. Then I decided to try going to my best friend's orthodontist. When I got to the office I felt very welcomed . They gave me a tour of the office and told me about fun prizes I could win, and the awesome video games I could play. Soon I was starting the braces process. They put the top on at one appointment and the bottom on at another. Before I knew it they were off! Then I got to choose a customized retainer. I got my braces off in about two years. The other orthodontists wanted them on for four years or more! I love going to the office because all the assistants are so friendly. Dr. Flores is a very friendly orthodontist who always asks how you are doing. I'm very glad I chose to go to Dr. Flores. And now my teeth look great! Thank you Dr. Flores!"
- Kacey

"Thank you for my beautiful teeth!"
- Tiffany

"Wow! Dr. Flores is FANTASTIC! I couldn't ask for a better orthodontist. He is super friendly and always smiling. I also want to thank everybody who works with Dr. Flores. You guys are awesome!"
- Tricia

"Thank you so much for your help with Vanya's orthodontia. Her smile is beautiful and we are very pleased. We have 3 children with gorgeous straight teeth thanks to you! Thank You!"
- Vicky & Robert

"Thank you for your donation to Zion Lutheran School. We appreciate all of your support. As always, I will continue to "sing your praises" and promote your wonderful work!"
- Pam

"Dear Dr. Flores and Team, Thank you so much for all of your work and support in my beautiful smile! I would never had pulled through without you! It's been fun getting to know you and I wish you all an amazing 2010! Thanks again!"
- Vanya

"Thank you Dr. Flores and Team for giving me the smile of a lifetime!"
- Javier

"Dear Dr. Flores and Team, I love you guys! I always think of you! I can't wait!"
- Rebecca

"You guys are very nice and awesome!"
- Kieran

"You guys are nice!"
- Kaleigh

"The treatment went really good and it was easy! So, you should be encouraged coming right here. It's awesome that my teeth are straight now!"
- Estrella

"Thank you so much Dr. Flores and team! I love my pretty new smile! The best part is all the wonderful compliments I receive from everyone. Thank you for your dedication."
- Kerry

"My experience at Dr. Flores office was truly excellent! The team was always positive and always full of joy. Dr. Flores was always in a good mood and always wants what's best for his patients. I will recommend Dr. Flores to all my friends interested in braces. I'm definitely glad I came to Dr. Flores."
- Cassidy

"Dr. Flores and Team, I can't begin to express how excited I am with my results! For years I felt it was hard to show my emotions through my smile. If felt unnatural and at times painful from my TMJ. I now feel like I'm able to smile confidently and am proud of my pearly whites. You and your wonderful team have been nothing short of awesome and I appreciate everything you have done to help me achieve my smile. Thank you a thousand times over for your kindness, care and for always smiling for me. I would be more than happy to share my experience and recommend you and your team to friends and family. Thanks again!"
- Farah

"I am so thankful for all that Dr. Flores and his team have done for me. I remember covering my mouth to laugh and never smiling with my mouth open, before I started going to Dr. Flores' office. I was embarrassed by my teeth and they were my least favorite feature. Now, I love smiling and I get compliments on my teeth all the time! All throughout the process, from spacers to getting my braces off, I enjoyed coming to Dr. Flores' office because everyone was always so welcoming and it was such a fun environment. They were always gentle with my mouth too! I am so thankful to all the team. The confidence the end result brings is priceless!"
- Rebecca

I had a wonderful experience getting my braces with Dr. Flores. I was always amazed by their advanced technology they use in and around their office. Just be sure to take good care of your teeth and do what they tell you to and you’ll have a comfortable time.
- Daniel J. Witzel

Dr. Flores did a great job with my teeth. It was easy having braces, hurt a little at times but totally worth it at the end. I love how they look and so do the ladies. Good luck y’all!
- Jared Yeatman

The office is extremely nice, and always welcoming every single day I went in there. Don’t be afraid to get braces, because it is definitely worth the wait! Go into it bold and confident.
- Josh Ellithorpe

My experience has been wonderful here! I received great treatment from Dr. Flores and his staff, and they treated me with genuine care as well. They did a fantastic job making sure my experience was pleasant and comfortable, and I would recommend his serve to all of my friends. The two years went by very quickly, and now that it’s over, it yields a reward that I will have for the rest of my life – a fantastic smile!
- John Lawrence

Everybody that works here are great at their job and extremely nice. Wonderful place to go.
- Kaz Egan

Getting my braces was a lot funner and painless than I thought, thanks to the friendly staff of Dr. Flores’s office.
- Ricky Perez

Every appointment is nice and easy and everyone is so friendly. The only hard part is getting the braces on after that it’s all good.
- Christian Lopez


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