Current Patients


If you have an orthodontic emergency at any point during your treatment, give us a call.

It’s important to get any and all issues corrected, and we are here to help and keep your treatment on track. Things happen, sometimes wires or retainers break. Here are some tips and instructions below:

In the event that you have a poking wire:

  • Try to bend it using the eraser end of a pencil, so it won't poke.
  • Try applying some wax on poky areas.
  • If they're uncomfortable, please call us to repair them during office hours. For emergencies, please call the emergency line.

For soreness:

  • Swishing warm salt water helps relieve discomfort. 
  • Take some Tylenol or Advil as needed. 
  • Chew on the Therabite.

If your bands, brackets or wires feel loose / your headgear doesn’t fit / you’ve lost a wire:

  • Please call us to repair them during office hours. For emergencies, please call the emergency line.

  • If you’ve knocked out a tooth:
  • Ouch. Call your dentist right away, then call us.


  1. Stay on top of your cleaning routine, because braces make it easy for things to get messy.
  2. Brush at a 45-degree angle with a soft brush, above and below the brackets, using a small circular motion.
  3. Floss those bad boys at least once a day (we’ll teach you how).


  • Fruits: soft fruits like strawberries and banana are always okay, but for harder ones like apples and pears, make sure to chop those into thin wedges.
  • Vegetables: steamed or boiled, always a good option. For corn, make sure it’s off the cob and no raw carrots.
  • BBQ, and chicken wings: as long as it’s boneless it’s safe.
  • Pizza: yes please, but avoid the crust


  • Hard and Crunchy: nuts, hard tacos, tortilla chips and popcorn
  • Sticky Sweets: starbursts, gummies, taffy, caramel
  • Bagels and Hardrolls
  • Soda, energy drinks, fruit beverages: keep consumption of sugary drinks to once a week at most
  • Please don’t chew: fingernails, pencils, erasers, ice
  • Snacks: avoid sugary snacks